Welcome To The Wockets Wiki!

Wockets are small, wireless accelerometers that send body motion data to mobile phones. They are being developed as part of an open source effort to create low cost, motion measurement devices for hobbyists, researchers, and developers interested in creating software and devices that measure or respond to movement. For an overview of the Wockets project see the Wockets Project Home Page.

This wiki is the place where the real work gets done. Would you like to use Wockets, or do you have the hardware or software expertise to contribute to the design? If so, please get involved.

How to participate:

1. Sign up for a wikispaces account.
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2. Join one or both of the project mailing lists.
Wocket-announcements : Join this list if you are a researcher, developer, or hobbyist who wants to learn more about Wockets and keep tabs on the project with occasional, moderated updates.
Wocket-developers : Join this list if you are a techie interested in helping to develop the hardware, housing, or software for Wockets. This is the place to talk about designs, new ideas, etc.

3. Monitor the Wiki
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4. Contribute to Wockets!
Edit these pages and, via the Discussion Tabs, ask questions and critique designs.

5. Spread the word
Know of someone who might like to use or help create Wockets? Please point them to the Wockets website and this wiki.