Here is a list of wearable wireless transmitter devices that will send data about movement or physiological measures to a remote logging device.

Commercially available:
  • Sensixa e-AR
    An ear-mounted accelerometer with 2.4GHz wireless. Also have an SpO2 and heart rate add on.
  • Alive Heart Monitor
    AliveTec makes a device with ECG/heart rate and accelerometer monitoring that can transmit data in real-time via Bluetooth. Appears to get about 24 hours of battery life transmitting continuously. Must open it up to remove battery to charge. Samples up to 300Hz.
  • Alive Pulse Oximeter
    AliveTec makes a finger pulse oximeter that can transmit data in real-time via Bluetooth.
  • AMM Sensor
    3axis accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, Bluetooth
    Hardware platform for wearable, wireless sensors. Built-in accelerometer and several add-on options.
  • APDM
    Raw data logger (accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer) with ability to do wireless streaming.
  • BioHarness Chest Strap
    Zephyr makes a BioHarness chest strap device that measures HR, respiration, skin temperature, posture, and acceleration.
  • ShoePod
    Zephyr makes a ShoePod device with pressure and temperature sensors in a fabric shoe insole.
  • ActiHealth Monitoring System
    Fitsense makes a system that can gather data from a variety of sensors: HR, blood pressure, blood glucose, scale (weight and body composition), and step counter. Soon they will have a footpod device called the ActiPed.
  • Polar Heart Rate Chest Strap
    Wireless transmission of HR using a proprietary format. A receiver with serial port output is available.
  • XC2i
    AWare Technologies makes waterproof wearable sensors that can operate as loggers or stream data in real time wirelessly.
  • BodyKom
    ECG transmitted to phone using Bluetooth.
  • Exmocare device
    Wrist worn technology to measure HR (via LEDs measuring blood pulse volume), skin conductance, and acceleration. Not yet released.
  • Microstone device
    Wireless 3-axis accelerometer in 2.4GHz range. They also have a wristwatch device with accelerometer and gyro.
  • Suunto Wireless Performance Devices
    A GPS and footpod (plus bike computers) that communicate with Suunto heart rate monitors. Uses ANT for transmission. Data downloaded to PC via wireless USB.
  • WBA Wireless Bio Amplifier
    Transmit EMG and EEG signals to a 2.4GHz receiver.
  • Nokia Eco Sensor
    Solar-powered wearable sensors that analyze environment, health, and weather and send data to a mobile phone. (not yet available)
  • Pi-Node
    Philips Inertial sensor node using a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. Wireless via IEEE 802.15.4, with a 4-hour battery life under continuous transmission.
  • Swimsense Swim stroke recognition sensor.
  • WIMU Physical activity monitor that provides realtime data flow continuously. It measures acceleration, speed, crossed distance, heart rate, and cardiac frequency. Quiko must be used to analyze the collected data.
  • Striiv Pedometer that has a 2" touchscreen display that shows steps, stairs, calories, and distance. It can be worn anywhere on the body. An interactive interface that allows users to create goals, challenges, and play games to stay motivated. Data is stored on device but USB port connects it to a computer for data upload. Wall and USB charges battery in 2hours.
  • Nike+ FuelBand An accelerometer worn at the wrist that connects to a mobile phone app via BT connection. It measures activity and calories. Fuel band stays charge for up to 4 days.
  • FitBit Ultra An activity monitor that automatically transmits data within 15 feet of a Fitbit base connected to a computer. It has an altimeter and can only track sleeping, walking, running, and stair climbing. It has a social community badge system integrated through as well as a food tracker application.
  • Motoactv A GPS activity monitor with bluetooth connection. It is sweat proof, rain and scratch resistant. It can play music and can connect to heart rate monitors. It is worn on the wrist. Although it can measure activity it does not have a nutrition tracker.

Commercially available (non-wireless, plug into mobile device directly)
  • TiltControl
    Exertech makes a 2-axis accelerometer device that will plug into many PDA devices directly and can provide real-time data.
  • FitBit
    Fitness and sleep monitor that allows user to choose the point of attachment.
  • BodyMedia Fit An activity monitor worn on the upper arm. It measures heat, moisture, movement but lacks the ability to recognize activities other than walking or running. It logs calories burned, time active, sleeping time, and quality of sleep. It also contains a food log with nutrition assessment.

Commercially available monitors (but intended for a different purpose)

Research system for breath by breath indirect calorimetry (measurement of energy expenditure)
  • Oxycon Mobile
    A portable indirect calorimeter with real-time wireless transmission of data to a receiver plugged into a laptop computer. The company does not provide the capability to export the data in real time to another application.
  • COSMED K4b2

Research systems:
  • MITes
    An MIT research system for low-cost accelerometers. All the specs are available online. The Wockets project evolved from work with MITes.
  • iCalm (TM)
    Wireless biosensor platform for iPod and cell phone integration, developed by the MIT Affective Computing group.
  • CodeBlue
    Wearable, wireless sensors for medical care, developed by Harvard. Of particular interest is their "Pluto" accelerometer mote.
  • Physical Motion Sensor System (see bottom of page)
    For sports medicine and interactive media, developed by the MIT Responsive Environments group.
  • Intel Mobile Sensing Platform (MSP)
    A small hip-word device that transmits data via Bluetooth and does some on-board analysis for activity recognition. From the website: Includes a 3d accelerometer, microphone, barometer, humidity, visible light, infrared light, and temperature sensor. An option plug-in board supports 3D magnetometers, 3D gyros, 3D compass, and USB host.
  • UCSD CALIT2 translator.
    Polar detector with Bluetooth module (Need info)
  • LifeGuard
    Wearable, wireless vital signs monitor designed for extreme environments (includes accelerometers)
  • Arduino and the LIS3LV02DQ 3 axis accelerometer
    Research system created by Julian Bleeker.
  • iMote2 Wireless Sensor Board 802.11 b/g
    Open-source on-body sensors designed to support the SESAME project to enhance the performance of athletes
  • Georgia Tech Bluetooth Accelerometer
    3-axis accelerometer connected to Bluetooth module using SPP.
  • Philips SAND sensors
    A modular system for minature sensors, which include, among others, an accelerometer device.
  • Intelligent Device for Sensing Physical Activity (PDF)
    Prototype of a triaxial accelerometer that can use Bluetooth to upload to phones.
  • ClockWatcher
  • HappyHR
    Prototype of a arm-based HR monitor and accelerometer that sends data via Bluetooth.
  • Eco
    Small accelerometer designed for infant monitoring.

Reported in Press (vaporware?):
  • Patch calorie monitor
    Band-aid like device that supposedly "uses a combination of sensors, electrodes, and accelerometers that--together with a unique algorithm--measure the number of calories eaten, the number of calories burned, and the net gain or loss over a 24-hour period."