How to prepare bands and pocket poaches
design concept:
-24 hour wearability
-adaptability to multiple sizes
- in-house or industrial production

Sensor possible locations:
Band & pocket poach images:

We have developed 2 variations on the same wearability concept:

-Band w/ button hole
-Band w/ plastic ring
Material and Resources you will need:

-0.5 Neoprene
- 3/4" Velcro hook
-3/4" Velcro loop
-plastic ring (for "ring" version): #4234 3/4" Loop black- acetal
-One of these Neoprene cutting devices:
-Die Cut
-Sewing equipment or prototype maker
Providers, resources and consultants used for the SWAP project:

-Neoprene provider:
51"x83" sheet.0.5mm thickness, black nylon front/ black nylon back. 75.6$ each sheet.
-Velcro provider: Velcro USA Inc , 406 Brown Ave, Manchester NH
-Plastic Ring provider:
0.0455$ each.
-Sewing consultant: Hinds Lines & DesignsRoger L. Hinds59 Wareham Street, Boston Ma, 02118tel 617 422 0663, fax 617 422 6019

Other useful resources:

Laser-cutter services:

Outdoor fabrics suppliers:

Material usage estimate
51"x86" sheet neoprene(75.6$ each. ) sheet makes ± 96 bands.
50 yard roll of Velcro loop makes ± 360 bands.
50 yard roll of Velcro hook makes ±1,200 bands.

Safety considerations:
When using the laser cutter is always a good idea to wear a gas mask to prevent from inhaling potential toxic gases.
Make sure to wear a gas mask when laser cutting neoprene as this material may release some chlorine while being cut.


dwg files

pdf files. BAND COMPONENTS (11x17 paper size)

pdf files. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS (11x17 paper size)

Instructions to create a band:

-STEP 1. Cut band components
Using Scissors/X-acto knife: Use "band components" pdf files to for cutting dimensions.

Using Laser-cut: use dxf "band components" file to laser-cut components. Test the material first for adequate Laser-cutting settings. Ideal cutting finish will clean cut but not burn edges.

Using die cut: coordinate with manufacturer.

-STEP 2. Sew components
Follow sewing and assembly instructions for "button hole" or "ring" versions.

Instructions to create a pocket poach:
Follow pdf instructions on how to cut and sew a pocket poach.

Customize your band:
-Going to a party and your band looks just out of context with your gorgeous dress? ruining your henna tattoo look?
bandcovered with bracelet
stencil spray paint
lycra band covered with leather bracelet

If you have some fun ideas on how to customize your band, contact us and we will share your thoughts with the Wocket community.

Alternative designs:
We all have different life styles, we live in different climates, and have different opinions on what looks good. If you are going to be wearing a wocket for a while…. why not come up with some creative idea that will match your life style? you could have a band for exercising, another one matching your favorite outfit, and a different one for the night...
We encourage you to come up with alternative wearable solutions, and still accomplish the main goal: 24h usability!
wicking lycra bracelet with pocket

Do you have ideas for a cool band design? Contact us and we will share your thoughts with the Wocket community.