Housing design concept: [Concept title]

Basic concept:

Encase sensor + battery with metal and insert into a rubber bracelet that detaches to expose the USB connector; see this design: http://www.geeksugar.com/2389786

Does concept meet general design constraints?

  • Low cost : [yes/no/?] -
  • Easy to make in small (prototype) and large (eventually) quantities : [yes/no/?] -
    • [yes] (initially testing water resistance of a semi-sealed rubber encasing should not be difficult)
  • Non-metallic, to avoid wireless signal distortion : [yes/no/?] - [yes]
  • Robust and sturdy for lengthy deployments (X+ weeks) : [yes/no/?] - [yes]
  • Water proof (best) or water resistant (minimally) : [yes/no/?] - [yes/?]
  • Easy to charge (i.e., connector easy to insert and remove) : [yes/no/?] - [yes]
  • Easy to place on body, even for elderly who may have less hand strength and dexterity : [yes/no/?] - [yes]
  • Possible to wear multiple sensors simultaneously for adequate data collection : [yes/no/?] - [yes]
  • Possible to wear sensors on upper body and lower body for adequate data collection : [yes/no/?] - [yes]

Which additional design implications does concept seek to address?



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