How to Annotate and Measure Activity with the Wockets
Before following this guide, make sure you have your wockets and phone updated with Version 3.

1. On your phone, click Start, then File Explorer and choose WocketsApplication.

2. Click the Start icon to start the kernel. Once it says "Kernel Starting" at the top, click the blue circle in the bottom center to minimize the program and reopen it. Otherwise you will wait for a very long time as it loads.

3. Choosing your wockets:

  • Click the gray square in the bottom left hand corner to choose the wockets you want to use.
  • Click the green circle refresh button in the bottom left hand corner unless your wockets are already listed.
  • Look at the mac address from your wocket and once you identify that same address in the list of wockets found in the area, click on the green plus button to add it. Choose all the wockets you plan to use.
  • Click the green back arrow in the lower right hand corner.

4. Now click on the icon labeled Connect and wait until it says "Connected" at the top of the screen.

5. Click on the Activity icon and choose Annotate Activity.

6. Choose your desired protocol from the list and click Begin Annotation.

7. For each activity you want to teach it, click once on the activity box to start learning, do the activity for at least 30 seconds if possible, and then click again on that same activity box to end the learning period. Once you've trained all the activities you want, click Stop Learning. When it asks if you are done annotating, choose Yes.

8. Choose a name for the session and click Ok.

9. Then go back to the Activity options and this time choose Measure Activity. Select the name you gave your session and click Begin Measuring. Try out the activities you trained it on one by one to see if the application can guess them correctly and when you're done click Stop Measuring and confirm by choosing Yes.

Note: Remember that throughout your annotations and measurements, whenever you hear beeping, it means one or more of your wockets are disconnected from the phone, so try to readjust your body position and wait until you hear the ring telling you the reconnection was successful.