Here is a list of wearable logging devices that will capture data about movement or physiological measures for multiple days. The data are analyzed when the devices are collected. Some of the sensors in the the wireless monitors list will also log data to a memory card.
  • Lifecorder Ex
    Computes steps and BMR and stores 200 days of data.
  • AiperMotion 440
    measures activity (with 3D accelerator), digital nutrition protocol, calculates everery day energy balance, works in telemonitoring systems
  • AiperSunny 333
    3D-accelerator with "sunshine" reward, SW and upload-feedback-possibility to a portal
  • Philips Tracmor
    Waterproof activity logger.
  • FitLinxx ActiPed
    Detects walking/running/jumping. Sends data periodically to a computer.
  • Gruve
    Device that appears to be somewhat like the SportBrain. Not yet available.
  • GENEA.
    This is a device to be produced by Unilever, possibly released summer 2009, that will supposedly log raw 3-axis data for 8+ days on one charge at 60Hz. Waterproof to 10m. It has a very small form factor.
  • SportBrain
    Hip worn step counter that can upload data to PC using USB docking station.
  • Actiwave
    Actiwave is a family of physiological waveform recorders and includes an ECG monitor with 3-axis accelerometer.
  • SenseWear Armband
    BodyMedia makes an armband that measures skin temperature, galvanic skin response, heat flux and motion via a 2-axis accelerometer.
  • Actigraph
    The Actigraph is an accelerometer data logger that is very commonly used in medical studies.
  • Actiheart
    A heart rate, activity, IBI and HRV logger. Rechargeable and small. Validated and used in life science studies.
  • Actical
    The Actical is an accelerometer data logger that is very commonly used in medical studies.
  • Actiwatch
    A watch form factor accelerometer primarily used in sleep studies.
  • ActiLight
    A watch form factor (or necklace form factor) light intensity monitor that can record for up to 45 days. Can be synchronized with the Actiwatch.
  • Actiwatch (AW7)
    Another watch that records for 180 days at 1-minute epochs.
  • activPAL Professional
    Measures motion for 7+ days and classifies activity into periods spent sitting, standing, and walking. Worn with adhesive attached to the thigh.
  • Biotrainer Pro
  • Digitrac
  • ActiTrac
    Watch with 2-axis motion sensing (.012g) and light recording.
  • StepWatch
    Ankle worn actigraphy device.
  • Omron Pedometer (HJ700IT and HJ720IT)
    Captures about 40 days of steps data with one measurement per hour.
  • SleepCheck
    Device worn at night to detect sleep apnea.
  • BedMate
    A watch intended for consumers that uses motion to report a sleep quality measure after waking.
  • SleepTracker
    A watch intended for consumers to help them sleep and wake better using motion analysis to determine sleep/wakefullness periods and trigger the morning alarm. Data can be downloaded to a PC.
  • Watch Dog
    (Not sure about this one: developed in Waltham with DARPA funding. Sends data to PC)
  • PhatRat
    Measurement for a variety of sports.
  • Newtest Exercise Monitors
    Some type of pedometer/accelerometer that helps monitor bone and cholesterol.
  • Ainoactive
    From the website: "A small, non intrusive daily activity monitor measures caloric expenditure in real time. It
    identifies and calculates your caloric expenditure when you sit, walk, run, play basketball, do aerobics or
    many other activities. Sophisticated technology and algorhythms convert body movements into accurate
    understandable energy expenditure."
  • Pam Actiivty Monitor
    Hip-mounted accelerometer device stores up to 7 days of activity. USB link to PC for us with coaching software oriented toward the fitness consumer.
  • Tritrac-R3D (previous model of RT3)
  • RT3
    Tri-axial accelerometer tracker the size of a pager.
  • MTx
    Wired 3-axis acceleromter with gyro for in-lab data collections.
  • Vivometrics Lifeshirt
    A tight-fitting shirt with embedded sensors: respiratory bands, ECG, posture and activity information. Optional: EEG/EOG, periodic leg movement, temperature, end tidal CO2, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure and cough. The system can also include an electronic patient diary for self-report.
  • MiBand
    Wrist-worn activity monitor that logs accelerometer data and sends it via Bluetooth to an online behavior coaching system.
  • MiniMaxx
    Wireless accelerometer for analyzing sports performance; also includes GPS, magnetometer, gyroscope, heart rate sensor
  • Hondata G Sensor
  • Hitachi Life Microscope
  • Basis Logger
    Watch format. Accelerometer, GSR, blood flow, temperature
  • Opal from APDM
    Accelerometer, magnetometer, gyro, and temparature sensors that log locally and transmit to a custom access point.
  • Jawbone
Use the UP wristband and app to track your steps, distance, calories burned, pace, intensity level, active vs inactive time, GPS routes and more.
Research/prototype systems
  • HealthGear
    Hardware and mobile phone software for monitoring sleep apnea.
  • TiltStick
    Plugged into a laptop or phone with USB host, it might be possible to use this for logging acceleration.
  • Medlog200
    3D-accelerator, records activity data in the highest possible definition 50 to 200 Hz/sec
  • TEMPO 3.1
    UVA wearable motion captures system with accelerometers and gyros.