Housing Materials

Fabric Information
  • Fabric Dictionary : search high-performance fabrics descriptions by technology or end use.
  • Textile Outfitters: the online store is closed but they have a really good catalog with very good fabrics descriptions and sewing tips.

Fabric Suppliers
  • Seattle Fabrics: online store with a well-organized website and wide range of specialized fabrics.
  • Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics: online store specialized in high-performance fabrics used on outdoors sports.
  • Quest : online store for outdoors and high-performance fabrics.
  • Mill Direct Textiles: online store that supplies with PolarTech Fabrics used by several companies like "North Face".

Silicone Suppliers
  • Smooth-on: supplier of silicones for rapid product prototyping like dragon-skin, mold-30 and 00MO-30
  • Reynolds Advanced Materials: distributor of smooth-on products in California, Chicago and Boston.
  • Polytek: supplier for mold-making and casting.

Enclosure Suppliers (for relatively small plastic enclosures that might be useful for prototypes)

General Purpose Suppliers