How to build a charger protection
Design Concept:
-As small, light and thin as possible
-Protect electronics and connectors
-Feedback led lights visible


Material and Resources you will need:
-1/8" transparent acrylic sheet
-0.06" black acrylic sheet
-contact glue
-access to laser-cutter

Providers, used for SWAP project:
-0.06" black acrylic sheet
-1/8" transparent acrylic sheet
Other useful resources:
-Laser-cutter services

Material usage estimate:
12"x24" acrylic sheet makes 56 pieces A
12"x24" acrylic sheet makes 56 pieces F
12"x24" acrylic sheet makes 250 pieces B
12"x24" acrylic sheet makes 800 pieces C
12"x24" acrylic sheet makes 1400 pieces D
12"x24" acrylic sheet makes 56 pieces E

Safety considerations:
When using the laser cutter is always a good idea to wear a gas mask to prevent from inhaling potential toxic gases.

Pdf files
Pieces index
Dwg files:


Step 1. Laser-cut all pieces using files provided.


Step 2. Glue B shape to black base. Use as little amount of glue as possible.


Step 3. Glue charger to base (using as little as possible glue), glue C and D. Place E and glue it to shapes B,C,C (Glue should not touch electronic components).


Step 4. Glue F -with arrows cut-out- on top of E.


Step 5. Clip all sides for a couple of hours to let dry completely.

Step 6. Remove all stickers protector from sheets only when glue is totally dried.