Sensor Housing

Part of our current research involves creating a housing the Wockets sensors. The housing has a significant impact on the comfort and realistic wearability of these sensors. The housing and the electronics and the software must be designed togehter, as one system, to balance out the various system design tradeoffs.

Housing Concepts

Conclusions to Date

Participatory design interviews with "typical" phone users have led us conclude that there may be two primary modes via which someone may want to wear the sensors:
  • The sensors could be worn under the clothing attached to the body (potentially using an elastic band and leaving it on the same position all day).
  • The sensors could be worn at different positions using a clip that could move around and clip to clothing or objects that users wear.

In general, the first possibility is more convenient for users than the second one, and it is preferable from the technical point of view as well. Wearing the sensors in the same place facilitates the analysis of the sensor signals coming from the Wockets and minimizes sensors “flopping” due to clothing not moving in the same way as the body. The less often sensors are moved to different body positions, the more reliably the software is likely to work and with the least amount of user intervention, and the less likely users will forget or lose the sensors. Critique the current prototype design.