Housing concept: Fabric bands

Basic concept:

The sensor can be inserted into fabric bands that attach to different areas of the body (e.g., wrists, ankles, thighs, calves, arms). The bands, once attached, have to be comfortable enough to stay in the same position for long periods of time.

Does concept meet the general design constraints?

  • Low cost : yes - even special fabrics like Gortex are affordable, given the small amount need for each sensor
  • Easy to make in small (prototype) and large (eventually) quantities : yes?
  • Non-metallic, to avoid wireless signal distortion: yes
  • Robust and sturdy for lengthy deployments (X+ weeks): yes? - may be possible to machine wash
  • Water proof (best) or water resistant (minimally) : water resistant? - some fabrics wick moisture or are water resistant
  • Easy to charge (i.e., connector easy to insert and remove) : yes?
  • Easy to place on body, even for elderly who may have less hand strength and dexterity : yes?
  • Possible to wear multiple sensors simultaneously for adequate data collection : yes (e.g., wrists and ankles)
  • Possible to wear sensors on upper body and lower body for adequate data collection : yes (e.g., wrists/arms and ankles/legs)

Which additional design implications does concept seek to address?

  • Need for flexibility : yes? should be possible to move band from wrist to wrist or possibly from wrist to arm to ankle


The band should be stretchy, reasonably priced and resizable so we can allow for different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL,XXL). The band fabric should be thin (like Lycra) and have the properties of Gortex (dissipate sweat, stay dry and be water resistant). In general, the attachment should be very comfortable and avoid any type of irritation, even with people who may have sensitive skin. They must be washable. These could either be tubes or bands with clipping mechanisms.


Related products:


  • Can be made to be comfortable
  • Provides placement option at wrists and ankles and possibly arms and legs
  • May be made tight enough to keep sensor in consistent position


  • Difficult to make work for different size limbs?
  • Aesthetic concerns (how to go beyond the 80s tennis wrist band)
  • May trap sweat
  • May get in the way of typing when on the wrist
  • If participant wears watch, may be placement conflict at wrist
  • Keep from sliding on limbs that change shape (thighs, calves, upper arms)

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