Welcome to Wockets!

Our goal is to make Wockets the best and least expensive platform for compiling real-time accelerometer data in a software program in mobile phones. The software program collects data 24 hours a day and then processes that information to reflect type, duration, intensity, and location of physical activity.

We need your help!

How? You can help by contributing software, or helping us make these pages more clear. You can contribute by asking good questions on the mailing list, or by telling uther people about the Wockets and convincing them to get involved.

How do you get started with Wockets?

We are in the process of porting everything Wockets to Android mobile phones. As we do that we are revising these pages and trying to make it as easy as possible to obtain and use the sensors for various projects.

To use Wockets it is first necessary to obtain the hardware. The best way to do this at the present time is to email wocketsresearchstudy@gmail.com.

First, we recommend that developers follow these steps:
  • Find an Android phone. Which type? In theory any Android phone will work, but we know that some work better than others. One place we'd like your help is in determining and documenting which phones work and which do not with Wockets. For now, try whatever Android phone you can get your hands on.
  • Download the Wockets Android Test App onto your phone. [Add instructions here for getting a test app for the phone that saves raw data in the right format]. This app will collect data using the phone's internal accelerometer and save it in the format we use for Wockets data.
  • Download the executable for the Wockets PC Support Tools. [Add Link] or download the source code and build it. [Add link].
  • [Add instructions here for how to save a small amount of phone data, download the data off the phone, merge the data, and visualize the data.]

The above will give you some exposure to the tools that we use. Over time, with your help, we want to make these tools easier to use.