Calibrating the wocket
This page will explain the process gone through to calibrate the wockets and ensure they are calibrated correctly.

  1. Open the WocketApplication on your phone and click CALIBRATE
  2. Make sure your wocket is turned on. This will be indicated by the yellow light blinking
  3. Click the configuration file for the wocket you're calibrating and click NEXT
  4. Once your wocket has been connected, the yellow light will stop flashing and the green light will turn on
  5. You'll see a graph of the relative accelerometer values of the different axises. Click NEXT to begin calibration
  6. Each direction has a picture associated with it and the value that it's calibrating. For example:
  7. To know how to match the wocket correctly you can use either of two indicators. Either the accelerometer or the markings on the board

    You can either match the dot and drawing on the accelerometer with that on the picture or use the markings on the board. Both images above correspond to calibrating in the Xout +1g direction

Hint: To know whether or not you're calibration settings look correct, the +1g values should be much larger than the -1g values. Also the 0g value should be roughly the average of the +/- 1 g values