Fabric Specifications:

Supplex Lycra:
100% nylon lycra that feels like cotton due to the fine filaments of nylon that are used to knit the Supplex Lycra. Lightweight and durable. Great for cycling jerseys and gear.
Width: 60", Colors: Black, White, $14.95/yd

1) Construction: filling knit
2) Composition: 90 - 95% Supplex, 5 - 10% lycra
3) Weight: 140 - 350gsm
4) Width: 150 - 180cm
5) Color: custom-made please inform with color sample or pantone code
6) Quality: color fastness grade 4, shrinkage rate below 5%
7) Dyeing: plain dyed / yarn dyed

Fabric Advantages:

QUICK-DRYING. Quick drying fabrics, like Supplex� nylon and Tactel�
nylon, are water resistant. These products keep moisture on the
fabric's surface making it easy for the sun and/or air to lift
moisture out and promote evaporation. This process differs from
"moisture management" in that it works on the outside of the fabric.
Moisture management fabrics wick perspiration moisture from the
inside out. Quick-drying fabrics keep moisture on the fabric's
surface. Used in outerwear, warm-ups, bodywear, swimwear and
activewear, these performance fabrics often compete head-to-head
with cotton fabrics which absorb moisture and dry slowly.

LIGHTWEIGHT. Innovations in fiber design have led to lightweight,
breathable and durable fibers. Microfibers, such as DuPont
Micromattique(TM) microdenier polyester, are the "cream of the crop"
within this category and offer the most advanced design. Other
examples of lightweight and breathable fabrics include: CoolMax�,
Thermax(CM), ThermaStat(TM), Supplex� and Tactel�.

More information: http://storm.cadcam.iupui.edu/drs/fabrics/coolmax.txt

Fabric Supplier:

Web Site:
Seatle Fabrics
Phone number: +1 (206)525-0670
Fax: 206-525-0779

Quantity: 15 Bands per yard.
10 yards per 150 bands.
40 yards per 600 bands.

Availability: Available at settle fabrics. They need 10-15 business days for preparing the fabric.